Do you find it difficult relating to peers or family members? Have you reached a point in your own personal growth where you are ready to practice new ways of relating to others? Group therapy offers you an opportunity to talk with other men about things that are important to you and to address the challenges that get in the way of relating to others in an authentic way. With the support of a skilled group leader, many men find that a therapy process group provides a safe environment to challenge themselves by practicing new ways of relating. Over time, the skills gained in group therapy are often carried over into "real life" which can improve the quality of relationships outside the therapy office. Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more about group therapy and for availability. 

At various times throughout the year I lead time-limited groups to address specific issues such as anger and stress management, social anxiety and other topics. These groups tend to require shorter time commitments and are focused on learning and practicing specific skills in a supportive environment.