Do you want better communication with your partner? Do you wish there could be more understanding between the two of you? All couples deal with the challenges of relationship to some degree. Are you struggling with any of these common relationship problems?

• Communication problems or excessive fighting
• Lack of emotional, physical or sexual intimacy
• Resentment or disappointment
• Personality differences
• Difficulty trusting, infidelity
• Cultural differences or family involvement
• Issues unique to same-sex couples

It's not uncommon for couples to face one or more of these problems at some point in their relationship. Couples therapy can facilitate growth and healing in these areas, and a new level of trust, communication and intimacy often develops through the process. I work to ensure that couples sessions are collaborative and respectful.

During our sessions I am actively engaged. I work to slow down the interactions as they happen and encourage each partner to communicate in more effective ways. I support each individual in expressing themselves in a productive manner and help them to be heard by their partner.

LGBTQI affirmative. I have experience working with, and am affirmative of, alternative relationships including polyamorous and open-relationships.